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      When warmer temperatures roll in, it is not the time to put your merino wool in storage. Choosing the right clothes for summer activities can be difficult. The mornings are cool, the days are long and hot, and the evenings ...Read More

    • A Message from Woolpower US

      Nature and fresh air have a way of grounding us, providing a valuable escape from feelings of uncertainty, helping to shed a big-picture perspective. But socially imposed isolation when outdoors is a recipe many of us had not tried until ...Read More

    • Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Must Haves for Your Outdoor Adventurer

      1. Tube LITE This is an ideal gift for anyone on your list! Designed for year round versatility and comfort, Tube LITE can be used interchangeably as a neck gaiter, headband, or cap in a variety of conditions. The Woolpower ...Read More