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  • Pacific Crest Trail Days 2019

    Woolpower is a proud headline sponsor for another year at 2019 Pacific Crest Trail Days. We love the community and celebration that comes with this festival and we always meet incredible and adventurous people. The countdown is on! We hope ...Read More

  • Explaining The Power of Wool

    Wool is not the itchy hot sweater your mom made you wear when you were young. In actuality, the natural features of wool make it an excellent choice for outdoor apparel. Let’s break it down. Wool at its foundation, was ...Read More

  • First Day of Summer

    Happy first day of summer! We all know that Woolpower keeps you warm in the colder months, but did you also know that Woolpower can keep you cool too? We know this sounds odd, WOOL in the SUMMER? But Woolpower ...Read More