A Girl, Her Dog, and a Bicycle

December 21st, 2015

Jasmine Reese is the real deal. We here at Woolpower have recently caught onto this lovely lady and her epic adventure as she cycles across the world with lots of love and her dog, Fiji. Not always the confident person that she is today, Jasmine started off life with a lot of insecurities and disadvantages that would bring anyone down. Depressed and feeling low self-esteem, Jasmine set off on a bicycle across the U.S. with her doggy, Fiji, in 2013. Jasmine states “It’s hard to admit, but the challenge was an extreme way to escape; it was also a way to feel determined again–to accomplish something extraordinary, to push myself to higher limits, to prove to myself that while I had ‘failed,’ I was still capable of uniquely great things.” We are so touched by Jasmine’s story and how the human spirit can conquer anything. Follow Jasmine as she plans on spending 2016 cycling several countries across the globe…but not without the help of some neat baselayers and mid-layers from Woolpower.

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