Back to Nature – A Message from Woolpower

April 20th, 2020
horseback riding

Dear Woolpower Friends,

Nature and fresh air have a way of grounding us, providing a valuable escape from feelings of uncertainty, helping to shed a big-picture perspective. But socially imposed isolation when outdoors is a recipe many of us had not tried until now. At first glance, it can look unappealing, maybe something to fear, but it has the potential to allow us much needed time for reflection.

Whether taking a ride on your bike, a walk in the neighborhood, even just spending some minutes sitting under a tree, perhaps we find ourselves newly resolved to have a greater calm, compassion, and an appreciation for small unsolicited gifts: an emerging spring flower, a kind smile. Time outdoors, at a safe physical distance from others during the pandemic, has become a powerful way to discover new and positive things about ourselves so we can perhaps more meaningfully help friends and the greater community beyond, in this time of need.

Like you, we have been rapidly conditioned to understand that the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 dictate an adaptive daily mindset and patience. Here at Grand Forest, our commitment remains in place to continue filling online and phone orders to each of you, our loyal Woolpower customers whenever the need arises.

Stay healthy, stay encouraged.

Team Woolpower US