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Summer Heat

Summer heat has hit across the US! Here’s a few tips from our friends at in the National Park Service to keep in mind when planning your next summer adventure.…

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Two women stand on the top of a mountain.

Weekend Adventures with Posie Strenz

I got a pair of Woolpower socks and soon discovered they were the best socks I’d ever found. I was leaving to go around the world in January carrying only a backpack, and knew they had to be among the…

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Wool in Summer

Can you wear wool in Summer? Of course! Checkout our latest blog post to find out how you can wear wool all year round.…

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The Original Woolpower Base Layer

Ullfrotté Original is the “Original” Woolpower Base-Layer Before Woolpower was called Woolpower, it was known around the world as Ullfrotté Original.  The exact translation of Ullfrotté is…

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Pacific Crest Trail Days 2019

Woolpower is a proud headline sponsor for another year at 2019 Pacific Crest Trail Days. We love the community and celebration that comes with this festival and we always meet incredible and adventuro…

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