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Weekend Adventures Around the world with Posie StrenzWelcome back to our Weekend Adventures with Woolpower series!  In this series, we are travelling around the country to meet some of our Woolpower users and see how they use their gear during an adventure. This weekend takes us up to the Catskills in New York for a chat with Posie Strenz – @posiestrenz – about a trip around the world in Woolpower!  Woolpower – Hey Posie! Thanks for taking

sheep washing

Spring is finally upon us! For some of us, it means packing away our heavier Woolpower gear for the summer months and pulling out our 200 / 400 / LITE collections. Before we dive into washing your Woolpower, there a a few characteristics about wool as textile that we should cover. First, the beauty of wool is it’s ability to absorb and neutralize bad odors. It is by far superior to other textile materials and

Mille Porsild joins an elite group of athletes this year as she journeys to Alaska to compete in the Last Great Race on Earth – The 2021 Iditarod. The wild Alaskan territory may seem daunting to most, but not to Mille. A seasoned musher, the Danish adventurer has made over 16 long-haul expeditions through the circumpolar Artic with freight dogs. The Iditarod Race is quickly becoming familiar territory for Mille. She took on Alaska’s most

When warmer temperatures roll in, it is not the time to put your merino wool in storage. Choosing the right clothes for summer activities can be difficult. The mornings are cool, the days are long and hot, and the evenings are warm. With such a range in temperature change throughout the day, it can be difficult to decide what to take with you on your adventures without packing a variety of alternative clothes. We’ll let

Nature and fresh air have a way of grounding us, providing a valuable escape from feelings of uncertainty, helping to shed a big-picture perspective. But socially imposed isolation when outdoors is a recipe many of us had not tried until now. At first glance, it can look unappealing, maybe something to fear, but it has the potential to allow us much needed time for reflection. Whether taking a ride on your bike, a walk in

1. Tube LITE This is an ideal gift for anyone on your list! Designed for year round versatility and comfort, Tube LITE can be used interchangeably as a neck gaiter, headband, or cap in a variety of conditions. The Woolpower Tube is our most versatile accessory, making it one of our best sellers.  The Woolpower LITE flat-knit construction creates a cooling effect as sweat and moisture are wicked away. Although thin and breathable, the Tube

Ullfrotté Original is the “Original” Woolpower Base-Layer Before Woolpower was called Woolpower, it was known around the world as Ullfrotté Original.  The exact translation of Ullfrotté is wool loops, referring to the terry loop technology used to knit the fabric for the earliest Woolpower garments. It was first developed for the military in the 1970’s.  Specialists, engineers, and doctors were integral in contributing to the design and manufacture of this fabric.   The terry loop technology

Woolpower is a proud headline sponsor for another year at 2019 Pacific Crest Trail Days. We love the community and celebration that comes with this festival and we always meet incredible and adventurous people. The countdown is on! We hope you’ll join us this year at Pacific Crest Trail Days! Pacific Crest Trail Days is an annual summer festival that celebrates and promotes hiking, camping, backpacking & outdoor stewardship.  Attendees can participate in activities, games,

Wool is not the itchy hot sweater your mom made you wear when you were young. In actuality, the natural features of wool make it an excellent choice for outdoor apparel. Let’s break it down. Wool at its foundation, was created for keeping our furry friends warm, making the perfect fiber for outdoor apparel. Many synthetics attempt to duplicate the properties but fall short of creating the strength, resilience and odor resistance inherent in wool.