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The question about mulesing in the wool production still pops up occasionally. Woolpowers point of view is that nobody or nothing shall suffer or be bad treated in the production of our garments. When the mulesing issue first came to knowledge, the reaction from Woolpower was to change the distribution chain of wool so that we could be 100% sure that we work with wool that is not produced under mulesing conditions. The wool used

WOOLPOWER AND GLOBETROTTER – 20 YEARS OF COOPERATION! It all started with warm socks 19 years ago. Today we are both happy and proud to say that we next year will be celebrating 20 years of cooperation with our German customer, Globetrotter. We will also take the opportunity to thank our German Distributor, Scandic Outdoor for making it possible in the first place. Below and in Globetrotters own words, you can read more about Woolpower,

At the end of March I was contacted by Edwin Buregren who told me about a project, adventure, expedition and / or an operation to in their own way demonstrate the effects of climate change. Now the team is on its way over the waves. Currently, they are a bit up on Greenland’s west coast. Here are a few words from Edwin Buregren about the expedition. “Because of climate change in the Arctic there will