First Day of Summer

June 21st, 2019

Happy first day of summer!

We all know that Woolpower keeps you warm in the colder months, but did you also know that Woolpower can keep you cool too? We know this sounds odd, WOOL in the SUMMER? But Woolpower uses the amazing natural fiber, Merino wool. Merino wool naturally helps to regulate body temperature, wicks moisture away and it is antibacterial! This means all Woolpower clothing is odor resistant. There is no immediate need to wash Woolpower after each time you wear it making it the perfect take along for summer time hiking! The wicking properties prevents feeling sticky in a humid environment leaving you dry and comfortable, while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities.

Merino wool also absorbs UV rays allowing an extra layer of protection when the sun is out in full force and you’re on the trail! Woolpower is comfortable and durable, allowing you to look and feel your best all while taking on your greatest adventures!

Woolpower LITE is a cooler alternative for high level activity and warmer climates. Woolpower LITE is flat-knit, in contrast to the terry loops found in Ullfrotté Original. This construction allows for efficient heat transfer away from the body. Woolpower LITE is constructed with a rib-knit fabric consisting of 80% Merino wool in combination with 20% polyamide fiber to create a stronger, athletic garment. Our LITE wool shirts, pants, and accessories are perfect for any aerobic activity.

The most important part is that you can know you’ve given back to the environment while you are enjoying the beauty around us because Merino wool is a renewable source and biodegradable. Enjoy your summer days!