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Introducing our brand new Kid’s Collection!

We’ve developed a comprehensive range of Merino wool base and mid layers just for kids. Our Ullfrotté Original material is designed to keep your child warm, with a little bit of fun thrown in! With vibrant colors and full functionality, the Kid’s line offers 200 g/m² and 400 g/m² core layering and accessories to handle any adventure.

Woolpower is also proud to introduce our NEW Kids Felt Insole made from recycled wool production material. Our new award-winning insoles will keep your children’s feet warm and dry while playing and enjoying the outdoors.

Kids Collection

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Kids are active and their clothes need to keep up!

Merino wool is naturally delicate. A pure wool garment therefore isn’t always kid proof. To achieve maximum durability, we created Ullfrotté Original: the Merino and synthetic blend that offers increased strength, memory, and elasticity.

Ullfrotté is knit on custom-designed, circular knitting machines where everything from the size of the terry loops to the density of the stitch is taken into consideration. 

Each garment segment is knit into a tubular shape completely free of seams. Thus, an ultra-resilient, kid-friendly garment is born.