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Woolpower LITE offers cooler alternatives for high level activity and warmer climates.

When worn in direct contact with (your) skin, Woolpower LITE optimally insulates the body in response to activity level and temperature.

LITE keeps you comfortable even in the heat of Summer. When paired with our Ullfrotté Original mid-layers, the LITE locks in heat and wicks away moisture providing protection against the cold.

Explore Woolpower LITE
Explore Woolpower LITE
Explore Woolpower LITE


Cool Under Pressure

Woolpower LITE is flat-knit, in contrast to the terry loops found in Ullfrotté Original. This construction allows for efficient heat transfer away from the body. The material is flexible and soft. Providing the functions natural to Merino wool, LITE works to wick sweat away and its anti-microbial properties deter odors.
Woolpower LITE is constructed with a rib-knit fabric consisting of 80% Merino wool (superfine, 19.5 microns) in combination with 20% polyamide fiber to create a stronger, athletic garment. Our LITE wool shirts, pants, and accessories are perfect for any aerobic activity.