Mittens 400

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Warm Hands

There’s nothing worse than having cold fingers on an adventure. Keep your hands snug and warm in our Mittens 400. Boasting the ultimate comfort and insulation, our Mittens 400 are designed to help you attack the cold before it starts. Lined with our terry-loop knit, the Mittens 400 are a handy accessory providing a powerful layer of heat-trapping action to help you keep those digits warm. Our mittens are crafted with double layers of terry for optimal insulation.

70% Merino Wool
30% Polyamide
Weight: 400 g/m²
Microns: 22.5

Care Instructions

Tål maskintvätt 60° Ej blekning Tål strykning 2 Tål torktumling 1 Tål kemtvätt P

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