Raw Wool

Super-washed, spun into yarn and sent to Ӧstersund, Sweden.


Custom made machines knit components into tubular arm, leg, and body components.


Garments fashioned with minimal seams, resulting in optimal durability and comfort.

Woolpower Wash

Prior to final assembly separate garment parts are washed and dried to shrink and stabilize them. This wash is done with water only; no detergents are used.

Signature Seamstress

From the very first to the very last stitch, one seamstress is responsible for an entire garment. Once she completes the garment and approves it she attaches a label with her own name on it. This is her and Woolpower’s collaborative seal of quality.


With sustainability as an ongoing effort, our goal is to waste nothing. Fabric by-products are recycled to generate felt insoles and slippers.

Pack and Ship

Woolpower products are shipped around the world, to more than 20 different international markets. Approximately 70% of our production is exported.