Balaclava Protection 400

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Balaclava Protection 400 protects your face and neck exposure for ultimate comfort on adventures or everyday at work. The flame resistant properties of the fabric offer strong protection not only from the cold but also from heat and flames. Woolpower Protection 400 is certified according to special EN standards – flame retardant, antistatic and arc protection. Wool is flame resistant in nature and does not melt, helping prevent severe burns for the user. For maximum protection, we recommend that you use a complete wool base layer together with other certified outer garments.



Flamskydd Ljusbåge Antistat



ARC RATING (ATPV) = 34.3 cal/cm2

Material: 84% Merino wool | 1% Eastan | 1% Antistatic | 14% Aramid 

Weight: 400

Microns: 22.5 

Tål maskintvätt 60° Ej blekning Tål strykning 2 Tål torktumling 1 Tål kemtvätt P

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