Balaclava Protection LITE

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Balaclava PROTECTION LITE is designed to protect body parts that are often exposed in hazardous environments. It is flame retardant, antistatic and protective against electric arc. The flame retardant in the textile provides good protection against heat and flames while keeping you warm.

The Woolpower Protection LITE fabric is certified according to special EN standards such as flame retardant, antistatic and protection against arc. Wool is flame retardant in itself and does not melt, preventing severe burns. For maximum protection, we recommend that you use a complete base layer together with other certified outer garments.

Woolpower Protection LITE is our thinnest base layer in the Protection series. It is a cool and comfortable material that makes itself best closest to the body. Protection LITE can be used all year round and keeps you warm when it is cold outside and cool when it is hot.

ARC RATING (ATPV) = 6.2 cal/cm2

60% Merino Wool
38% Lenzing FR
2% Beltron

Weight: LITE
Microns: 19.5

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