Beanie LITE

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To the Top!

The Beanie LITE was created to optimize your body’s natural heat regulation from the top down. Beanie LITE offers comfort, durability, and moisture wicking capabilities. Whether used for the early morning run or a day long hike in the mountains, the Beanie LITE delivers.

Crafted from Woolpower LITE – our thinnest material – the Beanie LITE has a dense knitted jersey in 1:1 rib which provides a material that is cooler. Woolpower LITE does best directly against the body as a base layer, even when it is a little warmer outside, the wool helps to cool down the body. Our mulesing free wool comes from small farms in Uruguay and Argentina in the Patagonia region of South America.


Weight: 1.6 oz

Size: 6.5in wide x 10.25in long

The Process

Each garment contains a tag with the name of the seamstress who hand crafted your item from start to finish in our facility in Östersund, Jämtland – Sweden.


Washing Instructions

Our garments and accessories are machine washable with our Woolcare detergent. Woolcare contains lanolin with is a natural fat in wool to restore and nourish the fibers.

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