Kids Crewneck 200

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We know little adventurers are constantly on the go. That’s why we crafted a shirt to keep up with their boisterous adventures while keeping them warm or cool. Our long sleeve Kids Crewneck 200 is crafted out of soft Merino wool into a circular knit fabric with no lengthwise seams.  There’s nothing more annoying than a shirt that too short in the back, so we made the back hang down a little bit longer to cover little bums and prevent air gaps.

At the end of the long sleeve, you’ll find a knitted wrist cuff. We’ve made them thicker and knitted them for increased comfort, elasticity and durability.

The beauty of the Kids Crewneck 200 is it a natural body temperature regulator, especially when worn against the skin. The Merino wool is an excellent absorber and actively works to keep the body warm or cool.


– Materials – 

60% Merino wool
25% Polyester
13% Polyamide
2% Eastan
– Garment Care – 
Tål maskintvätt 60° Ej blekning Strykning med mellan temperatur Tål torktumling låg temperatur Tål kemtvätt, ej starkare tvättvätskor än perkloretylen
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