Wool Sitpad

Upcycled Comfort

The Wool Sitpad is uniquely crafted from the multicolor Merino wool fibers that our left over during our production process. The fibers are felted into a warm, comfortable and very useful seating material. Thanks to the insulating ability of the wool, you get a warm surface that continues to insulate even if it gets wet. The sitpads are the perfect companions for a camp chair around the fire, the hockey arena, Friday night football games or beneath you in your hammock for an extra bit of warmth at night. The 50% merino wool, 50% synthetic fiber blend yields excellent durability while providing an effective insulative thermal break between your butt and the surface you’re sitting on.

Our recycled Wool Sitpad was developed in line with our long-term work for sustainable development. The seat base is made from the textile waste that becomes after the production of their other garments. The color may vary depending on the waste material used. However, the wool is sorted in color so that there are not too large variations on each seat base. The recycled wool sitpad’s size has been adapted to fit the Fjällräven’s backpack Kånken Mini and Kånken Original.


Size: Original: 9.96 x 13.38 in

Materials: 50% Merino Wool and 50% Synthetic Blend 

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