Socks Classic 200 and Beanie Jamtlann Bundle

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One of the lightest weight socks from Woolpower’s Ullfrotte collection. Socks Classic 200 offer both comfort and warmth for those looking for a lighter Merino Wool sock with a dressy tone.

A great choice for a day at the office or hiking in the great outdoors!

Inspired by the classic woven textiles from the Jämtland and Härjedalen regions in northern Sweden, the Beanie Jamtlann is a fun spin on our classic beanie style! With a pop of color and a fun pattern working it’s way around, the thick weave gives this beanie the ability to withstand cold climates. Topped with a large pom pom for extra flair, it’s the perfect choice for cold adventures. At the bottom, the beanie has a ribbed, folded edge that can be rolled down for extra warmth.

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