Tee 200

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Our Tee 200 brings you the same comfort as the crewneck but with short sleeves for warmer weather. The Tee 200 is crafted in a round knit to give you a finished garment without those annoying longitudinal seams helping to prevent chaffing against the skin. The Tee 200 has a straight bottom and plugged-in cuffs on the sleeves. Pairs well with the Vest 400 for the transition between summer and winter!

Ullfrotté Original 200 grams is our thinnest version of Ullfrotté fabric. The material is durable and consists of fine merino wool, polyamide and above all – air! The air in the material is important as it insulates the heat that your body produces.


– Material – 

60% Merino wool
25% Polyester
13% Polyamide
2% Eastan


– Weight – 

170g / 5.9 oz in Medium


– Garment Care – 

Tål maskintvätt 60° Ej blekning Strykning med mellan temperatur Tål torktumling låg temperatur Tål kemtvätt, ej starkare tvättvätskor än perkloretylen

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