Wrist Gaiter 200

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Warm Hands

Designed for comfort, the Merino wool Wrist Gaiter 200 is a cool-weather winner, hands down. A terry-loop knit interior provides cozy insulation to the hand and wrist region to keep your hands warm for any adventure. The exterior of the Wrist Gaiter 200 is a flat-knit design offering a stylish way to fight the cold. Whether it’s skiing or shopping, you’ll always have the upper hand with our Wrist Gaiter 200!

Our Ullfrotté Original 200 grams fabric is our thinnest version of Ullfrotté material. The material is durable and consists of fine Merino wool, polyamide and above all – air! The air in the material is important as it insulates the heat that your body produces.

60% Merino wool
25% Polyester
13% Polyamide
2% Eastan
Care Instructions
Tål maskintvätt 60° Ej blekning Tål strykning 2 Tål torktumling 1 Tål kemtvätt P
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