Your safety and comfort come first. Our Professional Collection delivers unparalleled protection with sustainable comfort.

Protection LITE, is a flat-knit layer comprised of Merino wool and flame resistant components, such as Lenzing and Beltron. Woolpower LITE Protection complies with specific EN standards, such as Flame Resistance, Antistatic, or Electric Arc. It’s designed to be a base layer, suitable all year round and the Merino wool and Lenzing FR combination provide great comfort. All seams are flat locked and designed to prevent chafing. LITE Protection is ASTM certified with an Arc Rating (ATPV): 6.2 cal/cm2.

Protection 400 is designed with a terry-loop construction. Woolpower 400 Protection complies with specific EN standards, such as Flame Resistance, Antistatic, or Electric Arc. It utilizes a strong Merino wool foundation with the added protection of Aramide and Beltron. Arc Rating (ATPV): 34.3 cal/cm2

All Woolpower FR products are tested according to the EN 11612:2008 (A1 B2 C1) at the FIOH Finland.


Flame Resistant Wool Collection

Woolpower Protection provides base and mid-layer protection to the industrial user. Combining premium insulating properties with flame-resistant protection, we aim to keep you comfortable and safe in the harshest of environments.

Developed with the environment in mind, we do not use Bromide to achieve flame resistance. Aramid, which is a series of polymers, is widely used in aerospace and military applications. The design of Woolpower Protection taps into the heat-resistant properties of Aramid and utilizes the natural carbonizing effect of wool.

PROTECTION LITE: 60% Merino Wool, 38% Lenzing FR, 2% Beltron
PROTECTION 400: 84% Merino Wool, 14% Aramide, 1% Beltron, 1% Elastane