Holiday Gift Guide: Top 5 Must Haves for Your Outdoor Adventurer

The holiday are looming and we’re back with a few ideas…

Here’s our Holiday Gift Guide with our top 5 picks

for your Outdoor Adventurer!

1. Tube LITE

This is an ideal gift for anyone on your list! Designed for year round versatility and comfort, Tube LITE can be used interchangeably as a neck gaiter, headband, or cap in a variety of conditions. The Woolpower Tube is our most versatile accessory, making it one of our best sellers.  The Woolpower LITE flat-knit construction creates a cooling effect as sweat and moisture are wicked away. Although thin and breathable, the Tube LITE also works to regulate your body’s core temperature on chillier days. Thus, the all-season accessory is born. Regular price: $47

Mittens 400 - Navy

2. Mittens 400

Boasting ultimate comfort and insulation, Mittens 400 are designed to help you attack the cold before it starts. These are warm, comfortable, and great for skiers, hikers, snowboarders, runners, and anyone who loves the cold! Lined with our terry-loop knit, this handy accessory provides a powerful layer of heat-trapping action to help you know you’re always in good hands. Regular Price: $52

Kids Sock Logo 400 in Forest Green

3. Woolpower Logo 400 Socks

SOCKS! Everyone loves socks! This is Woolpower’s most versatile sock. Woolpower 400 Logo Socks are ideal for year round activity. They have terry knit feet and the shaft features a knitted-in Woolpower logo. We have Woolpower socks in 5 different weights for warmth, sizes ranging from kids to adults, and a variety of colors to choose from – for everyone on your list! Regular Price: $27.50

Balaclava 400 - Navy

4. Balaclava 400

Balaclava 400 is not your average accessory. It is a great gift for your outdoor enthusiasts including skiers! Lined with a powerful layer of Ullfrotté terry-loop knit, our heaviest weight head garment delivers serious insulation. With a versatile opening and an elongated neck, Balaclava 400 has one job… to protect you from the elements. So if you’re looking to come ahead in your next excursion, you’ve come to the right place! Also offered in LITE (one size fits all) & 200gm (sizes Small & Large). Regular Price: $56


5. Woolcare

Woolcare is a perfect and practical gift for any Woolpower owner! Pair it with any Woolpower garment for a complete gift. Made from lanolin, Woolcare is both gentle to the environment and your clothes. Woolcare contains no enzymes and only low-impact renewable surfactants and will pro-long the life-time of your Woolpower garment. Regular Price: $27

The Original Woolpower Base Layer

Ullfrotté – the “Original” Woolpower Base-Layer

Before Woolpower was called Woolpower, it was known around the world as Ullfrotté Original.  The exact translation of Ullfrotté is wool loops, referring to the terry loop technology used to knit the fabric for the earliest Woolpower garments. It was first developed for the military in the 1970’s.  Specialists, engineers, and doctors were integral in contributing to the design and manufacture of this fabric.  

The terry loop technology used in creating Ullfrotté Original resulted in a 200 g/m2 garment with superior insulating and moisture management properties.  But that wasn’t enough, the company then further developed a unique way of constructing their Ullfrotté garments, utilizing circular knitting machines to eliminate the need for side seams. The result was a garment perfectly engineered for maximum comfort.

Ullfrotté Original is still what constitutes all Woolpower 200 g/m2 base layer garments today. Technology in manufacturing equipment and innovations in synthetics have advanced the product over the years to make it the most technical “original”. The unique construction and fiber content allows for flexibility of movement.  Active or stationary you are always going to feel comfortable in the Ullfrotté Original 200 base layer garments and accessories. This weight provides a warmer alternative to Woolpower LITE base layers. No matter which you choose it is recommended that they be worn in direct contact with your skin.

Which Woolpower base layer to use, LITE or 200?

Woolpower LITE is the base layer choice when the cold is less extreme or when you know you will be exerting yourself in the cold and therefore generating more body heat.  It will keep you warm but will more rapidly transport some of that generated heat away from your body so you don’t overheat.

Woolpower’s Ullfrotté Original 200 g/m2 is the base layer choice for colder conditions or when you know you’ll be stationary outside in the cold; situations when superior insulating properties are needed.