Summer Heat

Summer heat has hit! Here’s a few tips from our friends at in the National Park Service to keep in mind when planning your next summer adventure.

 ⛰️ Plan – Hike as early in the day as possible. Avoid hiking in the afternoon when the heat and sun are at their highest point. This time of year the sun does not set until after 9:30 pm. Evening hikes might be a cooler option! Just be sure to be safely off the trail before dark. ⁠

💧 Prepare – Bring extra water and stay hydrated. Many trails do not have reliable water sources along the route. Any surface water in a park needs to be filtered or treated. ⁠For parks with water sources, use a water bottle with a filter and mark water points along your route before heading out. If the dogs are coming along, be sure to pack a collapsible water bowl for them. 

☀️ Protect – The sun is out and it’s the time of year to make sure you have strong sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses and clothes that are light and breathable like the Woolpower Tee 200 or Tee LITE. Check your gear before you head out. Make sure to bring all the essentials – especially bear spray. 

🏕️ Check on yourself and your hiking companions throughout your hike to assess their condition. Heat related illnesses are very dangerous and can be deadly. If anyone feels unwell or exhibits signs of heat stroke, contact the Park Rangers for assistance.

We hope you enjoy your summer hikes! We’d love to see your photos and hear your spring hiking stories!

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Stay Cool!

~ Team Woolpower US