April 22nd, 2015

Woolpower was given the opportunity to sponsor some of the toughest athletes in the world! Toughest Ice, a grueling race in the frigid temperatures, takes place every year in the mountains of Sweden. Participants are faced with challenging obstacles such as ice pools, mud trekking, and even high standing walls to climb over. Needless to say, these athletes are seasoned veterans in such fields and know the terrain. But even the strongest athletes need a little help. So we jumped at the opportunity to join forces with Team Lynx in their epic battle to beat the odds. We outfitted each team member with a LITE base layer collection of long johns and crewneck, while also delivering a warmer outer layer with the 400 Full Zip….each with an embroidered logo for team uniformity. How did they do in the race?…take a look here and see some of the great pics taken on race day!