July 4th, 2012

At the end of March I was contacted by Edwin Buregren who told me about a project, adventure, expedition and / or an operation to in their own way demonstrate the effects of climate change. Now the team is on its way over the waves. Currently, they are a bit up on Greenland’s west coast. Here are a few words from Edwin Buregren about the expedition.

“Because of climate change in the Arctic there will be new fairways of open water and after careful research, we believe that the notorious McClure strait in northwestern Canada will open up. We want to be the first boat sailing through and thus draw attention to climate change. The team consists of Edwin Buregren from Sweden, Nicolas Peissel from Canada, Morgan Peissel from the U.S., and documentary filmmaker Rana Ghose which will follow along the first part to produce a documentary on global warming in the Arctic.

  • In May, we will gather in Newfoundland to make the final preparations of the boat
  • In June we cast off the Greenland icy coast that we will follow north until the polar ice will stop us.
  • In August we sail east through Baffin Bay and Lancaster Sound in Canadian Arctic and sail as far as we can into the Perry channel. Here we will wait for favorable ice reports before we try to go through Mcclure Strait.
  • In September, we sail into Alaska and on to the Bering Strait.
  • In October, we sail towards the ultimate objective Vancouver in a race against time to time in port before autumn storms make this stage too dangerous. We expect to reach Vancouver in late October. The base layer of wool is superior to man, we learned when we prepared by sailing the boat from Sweden to Canada via Iceland and Greenland 2011. We experienced that the synthetic garments was not only smelly they were also warming much worse, and was thus left in the bag.

Therefore it seemed natural to contact Woolpowerfor help for this year’s expedition, and with their complete underwear program we look forward to yet another cold summer. With the Woolpower set up of garments both 200 and 400 g / m², we are able to combine different layers to always be dressed right. In combination with caps, socks and balaclavas in wool from Woolpower of course, we are confident to avoid freezing on our expedition through the ice, ends Edwin. ”

It will be exciting and interesting to follow Edwin and his crew during the expedition. Edwin will constantly writing about how the cruise goes and what is happening. More reading is also available on www.belzebub2.com