November 6th, 2013

Now when the colder days are approaching the northern parts of the World, Woolpower think it´s time to remind you of a few advices that make outdoor days more enjoyable even though the temperature stays low.

DRESS IN LAYERS An efficient way of dressing in a cold climate is to use layers. This provides a versatile and flexible system that not only protects against cold, wind and wetness, but is also easy to ventilate or modify if you get too hot. The layering principle is divided into following:

LAYER 1 A heat-insulating and moisture transporting base layer next to the skin. It is imperative to wick moisture away from the skin, since water conducts heat 25 times more efficiently than air. A base layer in synthetic fibers or wool is superior to cotton, which absorbs moisture and dries poorly.

LAYER 2 A mid-layer that adds extra insulation, and thus retains body heat. The purpose of the second layer is to create an insulating layer of air. In cold weather or if the activity level is low, a thicker layer is needed. The more air in the clothes, the better the insulation.