October 7th, 2014

Woolpower enters a new cooperation and have teamed up with Team Civitanova that races in a class named FARR 30. One of the boat owners, skipper Henrik Boding says: “I ​​use more often wool undergarments when I sail because they provide a more comfortable heat and has significant advantages from an olfactory point of view, which is a big advantage for 2-3 days at a stretch at sea.” After he spoke together with the rest of his crew they are all now sailing in undergarments from Woolpower.

FARR 30 SWE 3062 Team Civitanova is a merited groups of friends who have sailed together in different periods over the past 35 years. Two years ago they decided to work together to make a racing effort. The crew has extensive sailing experiencefrom both marine and racing on an elite level to clean club racing and is well established in Stockholm sailing circles. They are involved in SSF, KSSS (Royal sailing Club of Sweden) and have a wide network of contacts. Ownership team consists of Michael Willdal, civ. of Engineering., Henrik Boding, M. Sc., Glenn Swanson, asset manager, Anders Forsberg, restaurateur and Anders Österborg, MD. MD. Jan-Olof Sandberg is sixth crew member in 2012, previously known from, among others, Soling class in which the European Championship gold and 1st in the world rankings were the primary credentials.

About FARR 30: this specific sailingboat, designed by Bruce Farr, combines a Jolley-boats ability to plane with excellent check properties. Speeds of up to 20 knots are not unusual on downwind. FARR 30 is an international design class (www.farr30.org) that is strongly growing in Sweden, which is shown not least by the World Cup 2012 that will be held in Båstad this summer. (www.sailingbastad.se). Interest is high when the FARR 30 sailing Gotland Race / AF Group Offshore Race and other offshore races while the boat type, especially in strong winds offering spectacular racing in often good spectator conditions, for example, on Riddarfjärden and Stockholm Stream right in the center of the Swedish capital Stockholm with the royal castle in the background. Woolpower LITE-garments closest to the body works very well, they are my first choice for baselayers. Also, the socks are beautiful. What I appreciate most is that the clothes provides a comfortable warmth and make you feel fresh even after a couple of days on the sea. Since they are easy to sniff them out. I have used the same crewneck and long johns for a 2-day egatta and it works great. We will wear Woolpower LITE-clothes during ÅF /Gotland Runt race concludes skipper Henrik Boding. Henrik and the crew will continually keep us updated on how the races go and share on the experience they acquire about how Woolpowers garment work in the maritime environment. We at Woolpower wish our new friends at the waves good luck with the racing!