Wool Words

Wool Words


Merino – An economically influential breed of sheep made popular by its wool. This breed originated in a region south of Portugal called Alentejo before it was exported for trade into Spain. Today, Woolpower sources Merino sheep from Patagonia, Argentina. 

Wool – The fine and delicate hair coating the body of a sheep.

Crimp – The waviness of a fabric, which is generally measured in the number of waves per unit length.

Terry Loop – A style of fabric construction created on circular knitting machines that allows air to be trapped in its pockets.

Mulesing – The process of removing areas of the sheep’s skin to prevent insects from burrowing into the sheep and damaging it’s wool. Woolpower does not source mulesing wool as the insects are not found in Patagonia.

Micron – A common unit of measurement used to numerically categorize the fineness of wool equal to one thousandth of a millimeter.

Lanolin – A fatty substance naturally found in sheep’s wool. Woolpower’s Wool Care detergent contains 3% Lanolin to protect delicate wool fibers.

Ullfrotté – Literal translation from Swedish to English means’Terry Wool’.

g/m2 – Grams per meter squared. Unit of measurement commonly used to quantify the weight of wool thermal garments.

Hygroscopic – Readily taking up and retaining moisture.

Exothermic – Characterized by or formed with the evolution of heat.

Know Your Merino Wool Words